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Nina McIntire - Ivory Fantasy -

By Nina-McIntire (other events)

Saturday, March 28 2020 5:30 PM 7:00 PM

Nina McIntire presents her piano program "Ivory Fantasy" - Classical/Jazz/Rock/Pop. Percussion - Michael Bahan.

Press Quotes & Testimonials - Europe, USA, Canada …
“Ivory Fantasy – Sparkling Gem!”
“Here you can feel the joy radiating from the keys!”
“I particularly like the jumpy, the unexpected twists and subtle jazz influences – very exciting!”
“Rare and precious gift, plain and simply exquisite in its form, - she transports listeners to a different place, a different time.”
“It stirs within me a musical joy that cannot be found anywhere else upon this earth”                                 

 – Musical Artist who crosses borders and overcomes boundaries –
Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, graduated from Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, lived in Western Europe, performed as a classical Concert Violinist on stages from Tokyo to Rio, Nina McIntire is also an Austin, USA, based Concert Pianist.
Today, as a composer, she overcomes stylistic boundaries with her innovative “Ivory Fantasy” piano music. She creates her compositions freely – from Classical to Jazz/Rock/Pop. Nina’s music style is very unique and yet has universal appeal. Her inspiring and fulfilling productions easily transform her audience into a place of musical wonder. On March 28th she will present her program together with Michael Bahan - percussion.

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